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If Zacky Chan dies in the next episode, it will be lazy, predictable writing, and a waste of a good, underused character. Knux is my favorite character in the show, and to see him die would be incredibly disappointing to me. 

Please, the moment he was introduced it was clear he was going to die at some point.

Yeah. That’s what makes it “lazy, predictable writing”.

Then why complain about it? I think it would be mediocre if he survived too.

Zack honestly shouldn’t have been introduced period, not matter how much I love the Rider design. 

Why complain about it? Because the character brought something new to the table and there’s unmet potential that could’ve been explored.

Until Zack showed up, every Rider in this show besides Kouta is driven by their own self-interests. Having someone else who’s really in it for justice is interesting and could be made more interesting by playing up what’s different about them. Particularly, Zach seems to be more mentally ready to be a hero instead of agonizing about it like Kouta does, and he also seems possibly even more of a dumb, lovable puppy than Kouta is. Zack has the potential to be the Neville Longbottom of Gaim. I think there’s a possibility that he was deliberately kind of underplayed so that the moment we’re getting now could be a surprise. And it’s pretty cool, actually. But if they kill him, I think it would be a missed opportunity to have this curveball be something more substantial and interesting than a death that everyone saw coming. A dead Zack wouldn’t be satisfying. It would just kinda sit there. We’ll see what happens next week.

(“Why complain about it.” What a weird thing to say.)

sol-domino asked:

I really enjoyed Gokaiger as an general overview of the entire Sentai series. I'd like to check out more but, geeze, where to start. In your opinion, which are the best Sentai series to watch?

Beside a little bit of dabbling in the years previous, Gokaiger was my first full Sentai series as well, and it’s a great place to start. It’s a fantastic Sentai and a good sampler plate of what else is out there! There’s tons of excellent Sentai that you could watch next, but my recommendation would be one of these: 

-Choujin Sentai Jetman: It gives you a taste of pre-MMPR Sentai and has some fantastic character writing by Toshiki Inoue at the top of his game. This one’s high on a lot of peoples’ lists and for good reason.

-Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Last year’s Sentai was OUTSTANDING. Koichi Sakamoto is an amazing director, Riku Sanjo keeps things funny and exciting consistently, and the show never stopped surprising me and being badass! Also: Possibly the strongest toyline in the series’ long history. 

-Mahou Sentai Magiranger: A Sentai team made of siblings gives the group dynamic a bit of a different feel, plus, coming from Gokaiger as you are with it’s fun pirate theme, this show has a lot of fun exploring it’s magic theme! A really fun one.

Honorable mention: Shinkenger is a really solid Sentai. It’s a good mix of silly and serious and strikes me as very representative of Sentai in general.

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