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sol-domino asked:

This might be a weird question. I saw at Walmart that they're selling the morpher and saber from PR: Super MegaForce. I really enjoyed Gokaiger, so I'm wondering if I should just buy the American equivalent toys or shell out for the Japanese versions. I'm not sure if they're any different from each other.

Not a weird question at all! If you enjoyed Gokaiger, go with the Japanese toys. They look just like the props in the show, have a lot of nice paint detail, and the sounds relate to what you heard in Gokaiger. This goes double for all the Kyoryuger toys (compared to their Dino Charge equivalents I just saw at Power Morphicon.)

I was exaggerating for comic effect. I’ll return to Eddie when the time is right.

Let’s all look forward to my upcoming Cartoon Network project instead of dwelling on this stuff, ok? It’s gonna be rad.

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